Commissioned for an end of year assembly. Sonnet had to be a parody of Sonnet 29 by Elizabeth Browning, containing humourous references to students, positive ending and mention of 11D. 

I’ll think of thee at putrid rubbish tips
Where paper scraps and plastic wrappers die,
Where empty packets circle in the wind
Like ghosts of Walker’s crisps you left behind.
I will not have my thoughts instead of thee,
Just loud and snorting calls of Bradbury’s laugh,
The moaning of the bully victim, Niamh,
Your dronings will forever haunt my class.
Rustle thy smiles and set thy teeth all bare,
And wander worlds across your learning hearts;
Though this assembly hall brings school an end,
In terms of life, consider this the start.
Not since this earth, was there a pleasure sweet
As that of tutoring 11D.